I just finished up my speech at NEHA.  Although the speech was well received, the real hit at the conference were the "teat" shirts and buttons with the following logo:

Comment below if you want a shirt or a button.

  • Jim Colwell

    how do I get one of those great shirts??
    Trying to educate the folks down south
    Jim Colwell

  • Ken

    With Children, I’d feel safer with a loaded gun in the nightstand than a bottle of raw milk in the refrigerator.

  • Dr Raymond

    You would have to be nuts to:
    1. Drink raw milk, and
    2. Not want a free teat shirt from Bill Marler

  • Doc Mudd

    Great message, great logo.
    Send my shirt to Doc Raymond so he will be able always to wear one when the other is in the laundry.

  • karen prue

    Yes please!! Saw that you had them at NEHA on Facebook. I get so upset when I read articles and comments about the HEALTH benefits of Raw Milk. I have flash backs of my beautiful daughter,lying in a hospital bed, fighting for her life for a month. And the past two years of her trying to regain her health.
    Just read an article this morning that was on Facebook from ORGANIC CONSUMERS ASSOCIATION by
    Dr Mercola. That guys is DANGEROUS. Wow just went to look up the article and it’s GONE!! That’s strange.
    Keep up the fight for food safety!!
    We shouldn’t feel afraid to eat every meal. Thanks for the Teat shirt offer :)
    Karen (mom of Kalee)

  • John Gear

    Oh yeah, I’d wear that shirt, and I don’t even drink cow milk.

  • Jennifer Richard

    I would love a shirt! Just took my Mom’s Club on a tour of the farm where we buy our Raw Milk. I think I made at least one convert!

  • Where facts and logic fail
    Tee shirt freebies prevail
    Carl (Feeling poetic) Custer

  • Alice

    Cool shirt. How do I get one?