raw-milk-body-cream.jpgYou have to give Michael Schmidt (a.k.a., Canadian Raw Milk Messiah) credit for a superior marketing move, and possible legal move. According to press reports, the Canadian raw-milk dairy he now manages, which was ordered to stop selling unpasteurized milk for human consumption, is rebranding the product as a “body lotion.”

The Our Cows dairy in Chilliwack, British Columbia, was ordered to stop distributing raw milk for human consumption due to its status as a health hazard under the province’s Public Health Act, leading company officials to rebrand the raw milk as Cleopatra’s enzymatic body lotion. The 22-cow dairy is also selling raw cream as a massage aid.

  • Carl Custer

    Raw milk lotion acts as chlorine in the gene pool?

  • Doc Mudd

    I think he should market it as carpet conditioner for minivans.
    Either way, the deceptive advertising stinks.

  • Roy

    Well yes, selective pressure on the unwary, its an out for this guy if someone drinks it and gets sick he can now claim “he didnt mean for the person to DRINK it! This would be rediculous if there wasnt a bad outcome to somebody, laughable.

  • What an interesting marketing concept. Im not sure about the smell for use as a massage lotion/cream, but it is natural and natural ingredients are preferred.

  • Three cheers for Our Cows! :) Raw milk is a fantastic moisturizer and tastes great too.