Michelle Anderson with mlive.com reports that the final report on the Salmonella outbreak that affected at least 32 residents in Muskegon and Ottawa counties last year was published last week.

The 68-page document (attached) released by Public Health-Muskegon County formed nine hypotheses and suggested raw eggs, cross contamination or poor food handling were likely the cause of the outbreak that affected patrons and employees at Pints & Quarts Pub and Grill and C.F. Prime Chophouse and Wine Bar between Oct. 30 and Nov. 2.

Investigators said the restaurants’ salads — including those with grilled chicken — and Pints & Quarts’ Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps appetizer were strongly associated with the illness.   The final report noted that raw eggs were used in the restaurants’ original Caesar and Citrus salad dressings and its béarnaise sauce, a classic French condiment made with butter and spices.

The report’s conclusion found that it was unlikely that Salmonella with the same DNA fingerprint came in “from various farms or processors” and said it was more likely that contamination happened in the facility and at the pantry station.