To date, we have filed six lawsuits against ConAgra stemming from this Salmonella outbreak.  We presently represent nearly two dozen people throughout the United States.  Today we are in the ConAgra Pot Pie Manufacturing Facility in Marshall, Missouri inspecting the plant. As my readers might recall, the CDC has published its preliminary findings on the scope of the outbreak involving ConAgra’s Banquet Pot Pies and other private label brands such as Wal-Mart’s Great Value.  The USDA’s Inspection Report has yet to be released to the public.

Investigation of Outbreak of Human Infections Caused by Salmonella I 4,[5],12:i:-

Between January 1, 2007 and October 29, 2007, at least 272 isolates of Salmonella I 4,[5],12:i:- with an indistinguishable genetic fingerprint have been collected from ill persons in 35 states. Ill persons whose Salmonella strain has this genetic fingerprint have been reported from Arizona (1 person), Arkansas (4), California (18), Colorado (9), Connecticut (7), Delaware (5), Florida (2), Georgia (2), Idaho (11), Illinois (7), Indiana (3), Iowa (1), Kansas (4), Kentucky (9), Massachusetts (7), Maryland (7), Maine (2), Michigan (3), Minnesota (7), Missouri (18), Montana (6), Nevada (6), New York (10), North Carolina (2), Ohio (11), Oklahoma (1), Oregon (4), Pennsylvania (18), Tennessee (6), Texas (4), Utah (12), Virginia (9), Vermont (2), Washington (27), Wisconsin (24), Wyoming (3).

Interestingly, I got this email a few moments ago:

You may already be aware of this but just in case you aren’t I’ll pass this along. I received information yesterday that there has been another illness reported that is associated with product from the ConAgra plant in Marshall, MO. This is a lab-confirmed report of Salmonella is associated with consumption of a Banquet Turkey Meal. There was a previous similar complaint reported in October that was not lab-confirmed. Both previous and present complaints apparently involve the Banquet Turkey Meal with a sell by/use by date of January 2009. The product is a 9.25 oz “Turkey Meal”. I have not seen a label from this product but I am told it says turkey meal, mostly white meat with gravy, dressing, mashed potatoes and peas. The complainant is apparently located in North Carolina and purchased the product at a local supermarket.

More problems?

  • heather currie

    i am the consumer who reported salmonella to the usda in december from a banquet turkey meal, i keep reading about my report in different websites and i thought everyone who seems to be so interested in it would be interested in the whole truth, my 3 year old disabled son nearly died from salmonella poisoning, i am told it is the worst case in the country from the banquet recall, he was sick for 10+ days and hospitalized for 4 days he had seizures and had blood stools, not blood in his stool but actually blood instead of stool and nearly died. we were contacted by an adjuster from conagra who wanted to know what happened and said that it was not con agras fault that my son became ill and that i had no proof without the meal to be tested, now how am i supposed to have a meal that can be tested when the kid ate it? how conveinient for con agra ! the adjuster then went on to tell me that con agra has no liability to my family and that i cant prove anything, i said we have confirmed salmonella here and he said oh well no meal no deal and i said well my son almost died and he said no meal no deal and i said your company should be ashamed and he HUNG UP on me! now conagras stand in the media is we apologize blah blah blah – but in real life they almost kill your child and then yell at you and treat you like you are stupid and hang up !