The Chester County Health Department has been informed of an increase of severe gastro enteric symptoms among persons who drank raw milk supplied by Kimberton Farms Dairy. Kimberton Whole Foods, distributor, has removed raw milk products packaged by Kimberton Farms Dairy (also known as Camp Hill Village or Kimberton Hills) from its Kimberton and Downingtown stores.

The Chester County Health Department is working with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Pennsylvania Department of Health, and neighboring County Health Departments on this investigation. Anyone experiencing diarrhea, vomiting, bloody stool, and/or abdominal pain within two weeks after ingesting raw milk or raw milk products should contact their physician. It is strongly suggested that anyone with raw milk bearing the labels mentioned above discard the remaining product

According to Food Safety News, the cows thought to be responsible for those illnesses are being tested for Salmonella by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.