According to news reports, a year into sales of recreational marijuana in Colorado, the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division still has yet to start ordering the testing of marijuana for contaminants, something the state of Washington has been doing for nearly six months. Washington State’s test results have shown that 13 percent of marijuana and THC-infused products has failed testing for contaminants for such things as mold, Salmonella and E. coli in Washington.  Apparently, Colorado has struggled to define criteria for contaminant testing and, as of now, only orders testing for potency of marijuana and marijuana products.

Thank goodness for Washington’s testing.  Recently, a friend’s adult kid and friend stayed with us overnight as they traveled around the country. Rowan, our 12-year-old Golden Retriever found their marijuana “edibles” in an unzipped backpack left unattended in the guest room. Although he ate the whole stash, his main reaction was that he slept all day – which he does anyway.  However, he was a bit hungrier when he did get up.