As of July 13, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has now identified 61 children from 19 states who have become ill. Six children were hospitalized. There are no reported deaths. States reporting illnesses include: California (seven cases), Colorado (five), Connecticut (two), Georgia (one), Illinois (two), Indiana (one), Massachusetts (four), Minnesota (two), New Hampshire (two), New Jersey (two), New York (15), Oregon (one), Pennsylvania (four), Tennessee (one), Texas (two), Virginia (one), Vermont (three), Washington (four), and Wisconsin (two).

Also, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed on July 13 that a strain of Salmonella Wandsworth bacteria found in Veggie Booty snack food is responsible for the disease outbreak that occurred between March and June 2007.

According to Robert’s American Gourmet’s website, The Veggie Booty seasonings, believed made with Chinese ingredients, contained the salmonella and that it had purchased the seasoning from Atlantic Quality Spice & Seasonings of Edison, N.J.

Unanswered questions:

  • If Robert’s American Gourmet only markets Veggie Booty, etc and Atlantic Quality Spice & Seasoning provides the spices, who manufacturers the product, and where?
  • Have other strains of Salmonella (in addition to Wandsworth) been found in either human stool or product samples – like Salmonella Typhimurium?

According to the CDC report on Friday the 13th, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture Laboratory (MDAL) has isolated the outbreak strain of Salmonella Wandsworth from 4 sealed bags of Veggie Booty obtained from retail stores. MDAL also isolated Salmonella Typhimurium, a different strain of Salmonella, from an additional sealed bag of Veggie Booty collected at the same time as the four bags positive for Salmonella Wandsworth.

  • Why has Robert’s American Gourmet not offered to help the victims?  Medical bills and wage losses are mounting.
  • Jackie Cherlow

    In Sept. 2006 I was hopsitalized initially from 2 week bout of watery stools, lost time from work but towards the end of second week, having had no appetite,began running fever, went to my internist and the next day(9/26) he phoned to tell me to get to E/R asap as potassium level deadly low 2 .19 and could have lethal heart attack! Admitted, symptoms continued with stools,very dehydrated.In CCU for 8 days/then home for 3 days -then fever rose to 104 !Went back and re-admitted-non-stop stools, severe pain in abdomen and across entire stomach.Hospitalized and diagnosed with C.Diff. and a;most died. Can e-coli could have been the cause of this? Have had several recurrences and 10 months now,continue to get recurrences.Also, on 6/27/07 a fragment of metal was expelled possibly from the many procedures?The strain of C.Difficile is new VERY VIRULENT strain and specialists claim hospital-borne.I wrote to ABC Local news w/ Dr.Ronen Arai (google under Dr.Ronen Arai).Antibioyic misuse and overuse plus contact lead to this VERY INFECTIOUS STRAIN. Can e-coli have been the initial cause? Jackie