A few days after the President and Vice President ordered and ate burgers in Arlington Virginia, the First Lady and her staff ate burgers at Good Stuff Eatery, 303 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20003.

Unlike with the President’s burger binge, the First Lady’s was not caught on video nor was the “doneness” of her burger reported.   Also, I tried to find the restaurant inspection reports of the Good Stuff Eatery online, but apparently Washington DC, unlike neighboring Arlington VA, do not put inspections online.

Although FDA does not oversee Hamburger, Dr. Margaret Hamburg has been tapped to head FDA. As she noted in her testimony before the Senate this week:

Turning to food safety, Hamburg said it will require sustained effort, more money, and stronger laws to improve the situation. She wants to shift from chasing outbreaks after they have broken out to preventing them first. That would require all food companies to follow written safety plans, overseen by federal and state inspectors. Traceability and import safety — weak links in the system — would have to be strengthened.

Obama’s budget, released Thursday, calls for a $260-million increase for the FDA’s food safety program. Past budget cuts have hit the food inspection program hard, and part of the new funding would go to rebuild the ranks of inspectors.