While you are eating and watching football today, the staff at FOOD SAFETY NEWS are reporting on how to protect you and your family from the food we eat.

FOOD SAFETY NEWS was founded in 2009 when print and broadcast media were facing consolidation and steep budget cuts. Dedicated reporters on the food, health and safety beats were being reassigned or seeing their positions disappear altogether.

I saw an opportunity to pull together a team of talented journalists and give them the resources to provide timely reporting on food safety issues like no other news outlet could. Today, our original, in-depth reports are published daily and are complemented by contributed articles and opinion pieces written by food safety leaders from every sector of the industry. Our reporters have been granted access to the White House, the Supreme Court, and important Congressional offices alongside the nation’s leading newspapers and media networks.

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Readers tell us that FOOD SAFETY NEWS  is their #1 read every morning providing critical and timely coverage of topics important not only to our core audience of food industry leaders and government agency personnel but to everyone who cares about the safety of our food supply.

FOOD SAFETY NEWS‘ international team of reporters continues to bring you outstanding, award-winning coverage of topics ranging from policy and politics to foodborne illness outbreaks to sustainability, science, and research. Your questions, suggestions, and comments help inspire us to dig deeper into food safety issues as we continue to expand our scope, audience, and impact on the dialogue around food in the world today.

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Dan Flynn – Arvada, CO – Editor in Chief

Coral Beach – Kansas City, KS – Managing Editor

Joe Whitworth – United Kingdom – Staff Writer 

Jonan Pilet – Huntington, WV – Staff Writer

Cookson Beecher – Seattle, WA – Staff Writer