Kudos to Mercy for Animals!

According to the prosecutor in Marysville, Ohio, several employees at Conklin Dairy Farms were caught on camera attacking some of the 200 cattle raised for their milk. A spokesperson for the prosecutor said the main perpetrator has been arrested. Billy Joe Gregg, Jr., is charged with 12 misdemeanor counts of cruelty to farm animals, but more arrests are expected.

"Much of the abuse is malicious and sadistic and is a clear violation of Ohio’s anti-cruelty statutes," said Nathan Runkle from Mercy for Animals.

In my view a bit of an understatement.  There needs to be more criminal liability to "people" who both abuse animals and abuse their customers – e.g. Stewart Parnell and the Peanut Corporation of America.

  • Larry Andrew

    I’m quite surprised that the acts shown only rise to the level of misdemeanors. Does that make sense?
    Additionally, while I am quite saddened by the deaths of the 11 oil workers killed in the gulf oil disaster, the outrage and calls for criminal prosecution seems to be much louder than for the 9 killed by Stewart Parnell. Why is that?

  • Jeff Almer

    Shame on Erik (Hold up) Holder and the U.S. Department Of (No) Justice. Since they have an official “no comment on ongoing investigations” it makes it difficult to ascertain what lame attempts are made in the PCA case. Holder has now announced possible criminal investigations against BP or the individuals responsible for the oil mess. Don’t hold your breath on that happening either anytime soon. Maybe we can use the salmonella in the PCA recalled dog biscuits as an angle for prosecution, since animal abuse usually garners more sympathy.

  • Randy Napier

    To answer Larry, There are only nine of our families affected by death, from Parnell, crying on DEAF ears in DC. Jeff is right, there is no justice. Now you have all those high priced, fancy suits working in DC that take THIER families on vacation to the (what use to be)clean white sandy beaches. Guess what will gets the attension? It is a shame and frankly, I am embarrassed to say they work for me…… I miss my mom