The beef idustry has been having a bad month – “Pink Slime,” “Mad Cow” and now “Meat Glue.”

  • Minkpuppy

    This stuff isn’t used in the plants I visit so I don’t now where it is “common”. I haven’t seen it used around here at all. All our HRI suppliers use whole cuts for their filet mignons, not “formed” or glued meat.
    I wouldn’t count on the wait staff to know where the meat comes from either. You’re likely to get that deer in headlights look and the response will be something like “the box says (insert company here).
    Like the reporter said, if the restaraunt/seller is selling the filet mignons super cheap, then it’s probably this crap. The chefs themselves may be using it also, if they’re trying to pass of cheaper meat for a more expensive cut. Order your filets well done just in case!

  • Keith Warriner

    Given that meat glue essentially denatures protein I wonder if it is an effective antimicrobial comparable to gluteraldehyde. On the other hand consuming active TG probably has its risks