Marler Clark filed a lawsuit Wednesday on behalf of seven people who became ill with Salmonella Enteriditis infections after eating Paramount Farms raw almonds between September, 2003 and May, 2004. The lawsuit was filed in the South Judicial District of the Los Angeles County Superior Court (Case No. NC036770).
All seven plaintiffs had Salmonella infections linked to almonds manufactured and sold by Paramount Farms. Paramount Farms recalled roughly eighteen million pounds of almonds in May, 2004 after the CDC traced the Salmonella illnesses of 29 people in twelve states and Canada to consumption of Paramount’s raw almonds between September, 2003 and May, 2004.
“We have been working to settle our clients’ Salmonella claims against Paramount Farms for almost a year now,” said William Marler, managing partner of Marler Clark. “Unfortunately, Paramount has not made reasonable offers to our clients to settle their claims”
The plaintiffs are residents of California, Washington, and Arizona. Marler Clark previously filed Salmonella lawsuits against Paramount Farms on behalf of a Kennewick, Washington family and a Renton, Washington, man who suffered from reactive arthritis, a complication of Salmonella infection.
“At this point, we feel that the only chance of obtaining just compensation for our clients is letting a jury decide the value of these claims,” Marler concluded.