According to the Toronto Star, Maple Leaf Foods has agreed to pay as much as $27 million to victims of last summer’s listeria outbreak. The funds will be divided based on the severity of the illness. Here is what is problematic:  Class actions were filed across the country and involved as many as 10 law firms. About 5,000 victims nationwide filled out an online questionnaire. At that rate, if divided equally, people would receive only $5,400 each. Remember, more than 20 people died.

Seems like $27 million is really just part of the this weeks Maple Leaf Foods weeklong media blitz – beginning with a tour of the newly renovated Bartor Rd. plant. CEO and President Michael McCain has been appearing on nationwide commercials, promoting the company’s commitment to food safety.

  • Maple Leaf should have been permanently shut down. Why do you get a second chance when you’ve murdered 20 people and wrecked lives? Why isn’t Michael McCain in prison?

  • Bill, isn’t listeria a fairly common bacteria? It is my understanding that even with the best practices it would be hard to remove it. Now, the machine in question at maple leaf was completely infected, but surely the question of how far it spread was complicated by the ubiquitous nature of the bacteria.