Nearly a month ago I urged the FDA to follow Frank Sinatra’s advice to “float down to Peru.” I do not know if the FDA has, but they long ago should have.

As you know, I have sued Daily Harvest, and after asking who manufactured the French Lentil + Leek Crumbles, and being rebuffed, I was able to determine that the manufacturer was Stone Gate, and they were brought into the litigation. I then asked both Daily Harvest and Stone Gate who was the Tara supplier, and was also rebuffed.

Well, I got a tip who the supplier was and I heard from the supplier’s lawyer today. As a courtesy I will wait until next week to add them into the litigation as well. My guess is the I will be “float[ing] down to Peru,” to determine other entities in the manufacturing, exporting and importing supply chain.

I will also be asking Courts next week to order Daily Harvest and Stone Gate to supply the victims with Tara samples so that we can independently test the product to try and determine what is sickening their customers – that only seems right?

By the way, I assume that the FDA is not only testing Daily Harvest and Revive products, but also the Tara used by both companies?

It still does seems like this is the perfect time for the FDA to “float down to Peru” and see what is up with Tara? It does not seem that far:

I leave you with the rest of the lyrics: