I was about to board a plane to London for a well-deserved break, when I received a call from a Colorado reporter about yet another raw milk outbreak. This one (I think it is the 10th or 11th raw milk outbreak this year) is a Longmont, Colorado goat dairy that has been ordered to stop distributing raw milk products after 16 people became ill after drinking milk.

Two children who drank goat milk from the Billy Goat Dairy required hospitalization, Boulder County Public Health reported Wednesday. Of the people who reported becoming ill from consuming the milk products, lab tests confirmed the presence of Campylobacter and E. coli O157:H7, the health department said.

The Billy Goat Dairy operates a goat share program in which individuals buy a share of a goat and in return receive raw, unpasteurized milk. Health officials are contacting every household who participates in the goat share operation to determine if they became sick and to collect samples.

  • Judith

    Even if I drank raw milk, I wouldn’t trust a dairy farmer that thought billy goats gave milk. That would be ‘nanny goats’….is this a parvenue dairy, someone living our their dream lifestyle, the romance of country life and making people sick in the process?

  • Endora

    There would be no milk without the billy goat.
    Is it necessary to demean people you don’t know? Illness is not isolated to the raw food industry.
    Freedom breeds innovation. I suspect the wholesomeness raw milk advocates are striving for will cause new insights which ultimately may resolve both raw and pasteurized issues.
    I avoid most milk products and therefore am not slanted one way or the other but am trying to reason a solution for myself.
    Unquestionably, modern diets -processed foods, grains, sugars, dyes, corn syrup, antibiotics, improperly prepared foods (as in unsoaked grains and nuts), lack of healthy fats- have weakened people’s immune systems.
    We should look as much inward as outward.

  • Endora

    I affirm a full recovery for those children. I can imagine the fear and concern their families must feel.