More than 400 people attending a church conference could have been exposed to Salmonella.

According to press reports, the Salmonella outbreak in Gaston County, North Carolina has already made 55 people sick, but health officials say that number could grow.

The 400 plus people who attended a conference at Living Word Tabernacle Church the first week of October ate well.

“Everything from meat to poultry, potato salad, just a number of what we would consider high risk food products,” said Gaston County Health and Human Services Director Chris Dobbins.

But a problem in the preparation, serving or storage of some of that food is believed to be the cause of the outbreak in people who attended that church conference.

Tests show seven confirmed Salmonella cases, but more results are pending.

Two people ended up at the hospital.

Just what dish made people sick out of the dozens prepared is something investigators are still trying to narrow down.

“The congregation essentially brought many different types of food to the conference and because of that we’ve had a very difficult time identifying any one single source of the outbreak,” Dobbins said.