Screen shot 2010-10-28 at 4.17.52 PM.pngBoy, have I heard it from the raw milik, locavore, anti-government folks over the last few days.  I now agree with them.  Big agribusiness and small local farmers should be treated the same.  Any company with several months of Listeria problems and an inspection report like this, should be shut down.

Observation 1. Failure to manufacture and store foods under conditions and controls necessary to minimize the potential for growth of microorganisms and contamination.

Observation 2. Failure to take necessary precautions to protect against contamination of food and food contact surfaces with microorganisms and foreign substances.

Observation 3. Employees did not wash hands thoroughly in an adequate hand-washing facility after each absence from the work station and at any time their hands may have become soiled or contaminated.

Observation 4. Suitable outer garments are not worn that protect against contamination of food and food packaging material.

Observation 5. Failure to take effective measures to protect against the inclusion of metal and extraneous material in food.

Observation 6. The materials and workmanship of equipment does not allow proper cleaning.

Observation 7. Failure to maintain buildings, fixtures, or other physical facilities in a sanitary condition.

Observation 8. Failure to store cleaned and sanitized portable equipment in a manner which protects food-contact surfaces from contamination.

Observation 9. Effective measures are not being taken to exclude pests from the processing areas and protect against the contamination of food on the premises by pests.

Observation 10. Failure to wear hair restraints where appropriate.

Thanks to efoodalert for the FDA inspection report.