A further three cases of listeriosis have been reported in NSW in people who have consumed recalled soft cheeses. There are now 21 cases of Listeria infection nationally, and a link to batches of Jindi manufactured cheeses sold at delicatessens and supermarkets has been identified. Two people – a Victorian man, 84, and a Tasmanian man, 44, have died of listeria infection, and a NSW woman miscarried.

On 18 January, the Jindi Cheese Company voluntarily recalled its cheeses from all batches it manufactured up until 7 January. The three recent cases have been exposed to soft cheeses produced by Jindi prior to the recall manufacture date, but are awaiting final laboratory confirmation of the link to the outbreak strain

All of the recent cases have been in people aged over 65 years with one person in a serious condition.

There is the potential for further cases of listeria to be reported, as there can be a long incubation time from when people eat affected cheese until the time when people become unwell. This may be as long as 70 days.

The list of recalled products includes:

  • Wattle Valley 110g brie and camembert and Jindi 125g brie and camembert with best before dates up to 27/2/13.
  • Jindi 120g blue brie and 120g triple cream blue with best before dates up to 28/2/13.
  • Top Paddock and Blue Cow 1kg brie with best before dates up to 27/3/13.
  • Jindi, Wattle Valley and Harris Farm 200g camembert with best before dates up to 20/3/13.
  • Coles Finest triple cream blue 140g with best before dates up to 21/2/13.

For the full list of products please visit: