2011_5_4_whole_foods.jpgThe Allegheny County Health Department and Whole Foods Market are recalling cheese sold at the Whole Foods store in East Liberty over concerns of Listeria bacterial contamination.  The recall was prompted by one illness that has been reported.

The recalled cheese, labeled Jean Perrin Edel de Cleron, was cut and packaged in clear plastic wrap and included a Whole Foods scale label with a code beginning with the numbers 293351.

The cheese was sold between May 20 and July 3.


  • Bill Anderson

    Based on this article, it looks like “Edel de Cleron” is another example of a pasteurized-milk cheese immitating a variety that is traditionally made with raw milk.
    This is yet more evidence of why pasteurization can be detrimental to food safety. If this cheese were made with raw milk, the chances of listeria would be far less, because listeria is a poor competitor with the diverse cultures in raw milk. When the bacterial makeup of the cheese has been reduced to a few monocultures innoculated into pasteurized milk, the chances of listeria gaining a foothold increase dramatically.