Just so those folks that attack lawyers and what I am doing do not feel alone, I thought I would share this email I received a few months ago. I guess the bottom line is that whatever makes people try and make food safe is OK with me.
April, 10, 2006
F1: FDA food code instructor
Email: lawyersareparasites@yourmomshouse.com
phone: (260) 555-1212
comments: So where did they get the virus, Lawyer? Of course, you’ll tell them at a restaurant, when in fact most infections of food borne illnesses are from the customers own filthy homes.
That unfortunate fact doesn’t serve your the law profession, but I assure you people like myself in hospitality training and certification are doing are best to put people like you out of business, first and foremost for the customers safety, secondly because for once it would be to take food out a lawyer’s mouth…Sort of ironic, you shut down restaurants, I shut down lawyers…LoL
Have a bad, bad day you Parasite.
By the way – The term “parasite” came from the Greek “parasitos” (para-, along side of + sitos, food) meaning “eating at the side of, as at the same table.” Sort of like a dinner guest?