Kinder products have been recalled after a Salmonella outbreak, which has mostly affected children under the age of five. As of April 20, the UK Health Security Agency confirmed 73 cases in the UK.  Behind the numbers are the real stories.

“She’s been completely dead behind the eyes & so lifeless”

Charlotte Elizabeth Wingfield issued a warning on Facebook to other parents after her daughter Brooklyn-Mai fell ill whilst at nursery, with her temperature soaring to 39C. It comes after thousands of Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs were recalled from shelves due to fears of a salmonella link, with more than 60 cases detected – mainly in children – in the UK. Ms Wingfield claims her toddler was left “lifeless” after eating a Kinder Surprise egg last weekend. “She slept for 21 out of the following 24 hours & then kept falling asleep as she was doing things,” she wrote on Facebook. “Her temperature spiked to over 39° & I struggled to disturb her. I knew something wasn’t right & spoke to the gp who ran through a list of what it could be alongside a hospital visit.” Following a hospital visit, Ms Wingfield said her daughter was diagnosed with salmonella and has been unwell ever since. “Pleaseee check your chocolate dates & throw them if they fit the recall description,” the mother pleaded on Facebook. “My god, she’s been poorly a couple of times, but this has been something else. In 96 hours, she has been awake for all of about 12-14 of them & when she has been awake, it’s like she’s not been here at all. “She’s been completely dead behind the eyes & so lifeless, it’s been absolutely heartbreaking to see my usually fiery, adventurous & very active baby girl be the complete opposite of everything she usually is.”   

A boy “looked dead”

A boy “looked dead” after being rushed to hospital having consumed a Kinder egg suspected to have contained salmonella. Billy Way ate the product which is at the center of a huge recall. Mum Kasey says she wants compensation. Kasey, 26, told The Mirror: “Billy loves Kinder Surprise eggs, he eats at least one a week. His older brother got a pack of three for his birthday and as he’s not a chocolate fan I gave one to Billy. “It was terrible. It wasn’t worth it for an egg. He couldn’t keep anything down and couldn’t even hold his weight on his feet.” “The doctors were worried he could have gone into a coma as his blood sugar was so low. I was petrified, ” she continued. “When I sent my family a picture of him in hospital, their response was that he looked dead. He looked like he was dying, his mouth was dry, his face was pale, and his eyes were black and sunken. He didn’t sit up for a week.” She added: “The doctors did stool samples and they found bacteria in his poo, which is why they thought it was salmonella. I think it’s careless that salmonella got into the eggs, especially when the main consumer of the product is kids.” She said: “I feel my son should be compensated, even if it’s just so I can take him away to Butlin’s. He spent almost a week in hospital, and he’s lost weight as he didn’t eat any food for seven days.”

“It was absolutely horrific, and we really thought at one point he would have to be hospitalized”

East Belfast FC striker Danny Purkis has issued a Kinder chocolate warning to other parents after his young son was floored with suspected salmonella poisoning. Danny and his wife Lauren bought the company’s popular chocolate bars at the weekend as a treat for their son Theo after the football. But just a day later three-year-old Theo began feeling unwell. The couple, both 26 and living in Bangor, said the youngster was unable to keep anything down, including water, before developing chronic diarrhea. Confectionary giant Ferrero has recalled a number of Kinder products over links to the ongoing salmonella outbreak, which is largely affecting children. “Theo was at the football on Saturday as he goes to watch his dad every week. Afterwards we always take him to the shop and let him pick his treat, which is always the wee Kinder bars,” Lauren told Belfast Live. “He had probably four or five of them but come Sunday afternoon and night, he wouldn’t eat at all and was complaining of a pain in his tummy “We thought maybe he was just trying to get out of eating his lunch or dinner, but he wouldn’t even take an ice-cream, so we knew that wasn’t a good sign. “By around 11.30 on Sunday night, he was getting sick and having diarrhea on the hour every hour. He’s fully toilet trained and everything, but it has been that bad that he has had to wear a nappy for the past three days.” Danny added: “Theo didn’t leave his bedroom at all. He’s normally a hyper-active child at the best of times but he was physically not able to get out of bed. He had to be lifted in and out of the bath and couldn’t walk.” The couple, who are also parents to one-year-old Lillie-Rose, say it got to the point that Theo was on the verge of having to be admitted to hospital. “Any time he drank his juice or water, it just came back up again. He was just so lethargic and unresponsive and lying on the floor at times being sick. “We had doctors on the phone the whole time and if he hadn’t been able to keep liquids down today, he would have had to go to hospital and be put on an IV drip,” Lauren added. “The Kinder chocolate is the only thing that all this stems from because his sister didn’t have any and she has been totally fine. If it was a bug, Lillie-Rose would have had it too because they are always in such close contact. “The chocolate was part of the date batch that has been recalled so we have had to dump any other Kinder products we’ve still got in the house, including Easter eggs bought for this weekend. “It was absolutely horrific, and we really thought at one point he would have to be hospitalized. He has always taken any cold or anything else on the chin.” “We just want everyone to be aware of this especially with Easter coming up as we wouldn’t wish this on any other parent,” Danny added. “Just to be safe, we won’t be giving our two any Kinder products for a while after what Theo has been through and will be checking everything.” Thankfully the couple say Theo is slowly on the mend. “He’s still not eating and is on anti-sickness medication and living on Dioralyte. He is sleeping a lot but got of bed today for the first time. “He also said he wanted to play football with me and has been asking for a pizza, so we know he’s improving but I’ve never seen him so sick in the three years that we’ve had him,” Danny said.