Recent headlines over tainted California spinach and e-coli contamination at Taco Bell restaurants have raised many questions about the safety of America’s food supply. With an alphabet soup of federal, state and local agencies regulating food safety from the farm to the table, most Americans presume that their food isn’t dangerous. Join us on this edition of Justice Talking as we ask what must be done to keep the food supply safe.

Interview with a Food Lawyer

(click on above or photo below) Host Margot Adler interviews Bill Marler, the country’s leading food-borne illness lawyer, about how he has helped victims of food borne illnesses sue the industries that made them sick.  Bill Marler is a personal injury and products labiality lawyer in Seattle, Washington. He began litigating food-borne illness cases in 1993. Since then he has represented victims of nearly every large food-borne illness outbreak across the country, including cases against Jack in the Box, Chi-Chi’s, Chili’s and Dole.