jjthAccording to the Salt Lake City Department of Health:

This establishment was closed for an imminent health hazard in response to a foodborne illnesses outbreak and ongoing illness connected to this establishment and the following violations:

  1. Food employees worked in the establishment while ill.
  2. An employee did not wash hands when changing gloves.
  3. An employee removed a loaf of bread from the pan with bare hands.
  4. Fresh bread is being stored on the dirty dish drain board.
  5. An employee beverage is stored next to establishment food in the walk in cooler.
  6. The vent in the walk in cooler is not properly repaired to be easily cleanable.
  7. Fan covers in the walk-in cooler are dirty.
  8. Food equipment is not being air dried before being nested together.
  9. The mop is not hung to air dry.
  10. Bread sticks in the walk in freezer are not covered to prevent contamination.
  11. Food is being stored on the floor.

Jimmy Johns has become the Marler Clark Full Employment Act.