There is an ongoing outbreak of Salmonella Bareilly.  The confirmed case count has grown to 90 as of April 2, 2012.  Reported case counts include 19 States and the District of Columbia.  All state names have not yet been released by FDA or CDC.  Seven hospitalizations and no deaths have been reported. The majority of the cases are clustered on the eastern seaboard and the Gulf coast, but include cases as far west as Missouri and Texas. The CDC has characterized this outbreak as ongoing and rapidly expanding in the number of cases, particularly due to the prolonged reporting lag time (up to 32 days).

Spicy-Tuna-Roll.jpgThe FDA has been working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in investigating this outbreak. According to CDC, although this investigation is ongoing and work is continuing to eliminate other possible vehicles, CDC postulates that sushi is the likely source of this outbreak, with spicy tuna roll sushi highly suspect. FDA continues to evaluate data collected by States and FDA district offices, focusing on 6 restaurant clusters in Texas, Wisconsin, Maryland and Connecticut identified to date.

FDA traceback efforts continue to analyze information coming in from the States and the District Offices on menu items consumed, ingredients, brands, preparation, and suppliers, particularly cases associated with restaurant clusters, in an effort to identify the specific suspect vehicle.

I am not a big Sushi fan.