Strike One – Subway Hepatitis A Outbreak – Washington

Strike Two – Subway Restaurant Shigella Outbreak – Chicago

Strike Three – The Illinois Department of Public Health and local health departments throughout the state are investigating the cause of Salmonella illnesses among customers who ate at certain Subway restaurants in Illinois. To date, 34 cases of Salmonella have been confirmed with this outbreak and all are recovering, of which 14 had been hospitalized.  The specific type of Salmonella involved in this outbreak is a rare serotype called Hvittingfoss.

Salmonella cases identified in this outbreak reported eating at Subway locations in 14 counties, including Sangamon, Schuyler, Christian, Bureau, LaSalle, Cass, Champaign, Peoria, Shelby, Warren, Macon, Ogle, Fulton and Tazewell. At this point in the investigation, no cases have reported eating at Subway restaurants in either northeastern or southernmost portions of Illinois. Illnesses are reported to have started between May 14 and May 25 and cases range in age from six-years to 88-years-old.

You’re Out!

  • Gil

    Corrupt politicians, and food poisoning – This state has everything!

  • sauers

    My son ate at a subway and became deathly ill on May 27th. But, they said the contamination date was til the 25th.