I am off to Tribeca next week for the showing of “Poisoned.” It is odd, and more than a bit humbling, to have a documentary that has so much of my work of the last 30 years. My hope is that viewers listen to all the great people (present company excluded) interviewed and take to heart the message that we can make even more advances in producing safe and nutritious food.

In the meantime, I will crack a broad grin with this email I received today in response to my post over at Food Safety News about vaccinating food service workers against the hepatitis A virus.

Mr. Marler,

I so appreciate the service that this newsletter provides. As the operations manager for a food manufacturer, I read your posts first thing everyday and often use your messages to inform our employees of health concerns. We had an outbreak of Hepatitis A at a Western Sizzler in Ooltewah, TN a few years back that resulted in several of their customers becoming ill and ultimately shuttered the restaurant. We started offering the shots to our workers at that time and after the incident at Famous Andy’s in VA we made it mandatory.

We have a local pharmacy that keeps the vaccine on hand for us and we pay all of the expenses.

It is amazing to us that all food establishments don’t do the same as part of their business continuity plan. Keep preaching your message and for sure keep your format for timely information going.


(Name redacted)