I just noticed that this was my 1,700th blog post – I really need a life.  Also, click on the camera to see "Salmonella, The Movie."

I like rural Georgia, even more so now that Lynchburg, Virginia based Peanut Corporation of America (PCA) said that they actually made the product – 5-pound tubs of peanut butter for "King Nut" and "Parnell’s Pride" in its Blakely, Georgia Plant.

According to Mr. Parnell – "I have been making peanut butter for 30 some years and I have never had any issues with salmonella, that’s for sure.  I have spent over thirty years building up this business and a reputation."

The peanut butter ended up at institutions like nursing homes and schools. It was not available to the general public.

Now that it’s become a very public issue, we will keep an eye on it.