Sharif Durhams and Adam Bell broke the following story this morning:

Restaurant linked to E. coli shut down

Health officials closed a China Grove restaurant linked to a deadly E. coli outbreak today after learning some employees slaughtered a goat there last month.  At a news conference this afternoon, Rowan County Health Director Leonard Wood said that on Friday, a former employee of Captain’s Galley Seafood Restaurant on Main Street in China Grove told health officials a goat had been slaughtered there.  Wood said the restaurant’s owners confirmed the report of the goat slaughter over the weekend. He ordered the restaurant closed today.  News of the slaughter was “very disturbing” to him and the restaurant’s owners, Wood said.  “They don’t know if or when the restaurant will reopen,” he said.

We have bee contacted by family members of the victims of this outbreak.  This is not our first case in North Carolina.  We are presently representing nearly a dozen kids in an E. coli outbreak stemming from the 2004 State Fair and we represented over twenty-five families in a Salmonella outbreak at a Spruce Pine Western Sizzlin’.

  • “They don’t know if or when the restaurant will reopen,” Who would eat there?

  • cookat homenow

    Are there no neglect charges that the owners can be charged with..or is it just a shame that they got caught. We should have serious penalities for matters like these that promote business owners to mind their own businesses.

  • Amy

    If the goat slaughter was last month then why are there outbreaks just now occurring?… and how can an owner be so negligent as to not know that these types of things would be going on in his/her restaurant?? And shouldn’t the management that was on duty take responsibility for 1) leaving the individuals there for committing the act or 2) being there while the goat was slaughtered?

  • Todd Davis

    I think all too often we are quick to blame management. Think about the things you dont know about. What are your employees, coworkers, or kids doing? I say this place was innocently harmed. Also, china grove is a small town…the ecoli could have come from anywhere. A customer could have brought it in. In the the US we are innocent till proven guilty…lets not take such a liberty for grnated.

  • James McCallen

    I agree with Todd. This place is great and China Grove is a small town so it could have come from anywhere. I doubt the owners would have ever allowed these actions. Also I think the media is blowing this out of proportion. Would someone really do this in a kitchen of a restaurant? I doubt it. I don’t think we are getting all the facts here. I will continue to eat here if I can. Let’s not let the mistakes of some kitchen help ruin a good thing. I think some are too quick to blame our local business owners. Lets keep local business alive…especially in small towns like this!