The book I was asked to do a Preface for arrived while I was in Baltimore at this year’s Food Safety Summit.  You can buy the hardcover on Amazon.

The book provides a thorough review of current food safety and sanitation information with practical applications of current research findings included. The book surveys and examines the prevailing research and applications and reviews specific operational issues such as power or water emergencies. It also covers food safety and sanitation in various environments, such as restaurants, schools, and fairs and festivals. It is multidisciplinary in that it comprises culinary, hospitality, microbiology, and operations analysis.

Topics include:

  • Importance of food safety in restaurants
  • History of food safety regulation in restaurants
  • Microbiological issues
  • What happens during a restaurant food safety inspection
  • Legislative process, regulatory trends, and associations
  • Legal issues for food safety
  • Differences in the food safety perception of consumers, regulatory officials, and employees
  • What restaurants should do during power or water emergencies
  • Front of the house sanitation and consumers’ perceptions of food safety
  • Social media and food safety risk communication
  • Food safety in farmers’ markets
  • Food safety at fairs and festivals
You could also stop by the office and borrow mine after I finish reading it.