Interestingly, September is FOOD SAFETY MONTH.  I guess someone forgot to let the victims and the businesses below know that.

Milwaukee Looking For Link to as many as eleven E. coli cases

Eleven people have been sickened recently by E. coli in Milwaukee County.  Health officials have not said if the cases are related, but said they are searching for a common cause. Children and adults have both been affected. Five people infected live in Milwaukee. The other six live in other parts of the county. Five children have been taken to Children’s Hospital. Two have been released, but three remained hospitalized Wednesday night.  Marler Clark has been contacted by two of the victims.

Manitowoc County investigating seven E. coli cases

Marler Clark has been contacted by the family of two victims of this outbreak. It appears that the investigation is focusing on potential exposure to animals at a County Fair or from an outbreak of E. coli contaminated hamburger at a church picnic in upstate Minnesota earlier August.  According to Manitowoc County Health Department, the department is waiting for test results from a state lab to determine the source of the infections. The cases, which occurred from Aug. 26-Sept.1, are from areas throughout the county and the cases cover all age groups.

E. coli strikes again in Utah

At least five more people, two of them children, have contracted E. coli from and unknown source in Weber County, according to officials from the Weber-Morgan Health Department. No common food source has been linked to the bacteria, though officials say there seem to be no ties to an outbreak that occurred June 27-30, when at least five other people contracted infections, either directly or indirectly, from tainted lettuce served from a North Ogden Wendy’s restaurant.  Marler Clark represents six of the victims from the Wendy’s outbreak.

Tennessee E. coli Investigation Wrapping Up

The Hamilton County Health Department (HCHD) and the United States Department of Agriculture are working to trace back the source of an E. coli outbreak that sickened at least eight people near Chattanooga. HCHD confirmed eight cases of E. coli O157:H7 after a July outbreak. Seven of the people who were ill with E. coli infections ate at Ryan’s on Hixson Pike.

Hepatitis A Causes Concern in Indiana

A hepatitis A scare in Fort Wayne has prompted local health concerns about the virus. Several cases of the disease that were reported were apparently contracted from a Fort Wayne Pizza Hut employee. The employee was working between August 3 and 19, but has not been employed there since that time.  Hopefully the Ig shots given to the patrons will stop anyone from actually contracting Hepatitis A.

Greenwood Indiana Salmonella Lawsuit

Marler Clark filed a lawsuit on behalf of  Greenwood Family whose sone was hospitalized with salmonella after eating food from a Greenwood Wal-Mart deli filed a lawsuit Thursday against the retail chain. Ryan Merritt’s son, Noah, fell ill Aug. 20 after eating meat and cheese purchased from the Wal-Mart at 1133 N. Emerson Road. After an investigation, the Indiana State Department of Health ruled that the deli and bakery departments at the Greenwood Wal-Mart were the sources of a salmonella outbreak in southern Marion County and northern Johnson County from May through August. As of Aug. 28, 84 cases of salmonella have been linked to the store. 

Shigella Linked to San Diego Restaurant – Filiberto’s

The San Diego county health department has shut down a fast-food Mexican restaurant after 10 customers came down with a bacterial infection. Filiberto’s restaurant at 3446 University Ave. was closed Thursday and will remain closed until the health problems are addressed, the county Health and Human Services Agency said. The agency said 10 customers who ate at Filiberto’s Aug. 24-28 came down with what appears to be the food-borne bacteria Shigella.  Marler Clark will be filing suit on behalf of several of the victims today.