Inspectors initiated an investigation after receiving a tip

The Rhode Island Department of Health (HEALTH) advises consumers that they should not eat certain products produced by Farmstead Inc. of 186 Wayland Ave. in Providence. Certain food items purchased from the Farmstead Inc. retail shop or through its website are being voluntarily recalled due to food safety concerns.

The recalled food products were produced without the required controls to prevent the production of the toxin that causes botulism and the growth of listeria. Ingestion of botulinum toxin from improperly processed foods can lead to serious illness and death.

Among the recalled products are:

Jarred vegetables (8 or 16 oz. Ball jars), including carrots, beets, eggplant, zucchini, pickles and tomato jam.

Meat products, including chicken liver mousse and pork rillettes (4 oz. jars).

Certain soft and semi-soft cheeses, raw milk cheeses, goat cheeses and any cheeses that are labeled “Keep Refrigerated.”

D’Artagnan salami (labeled “Keep Refrigerated”) and Proscuitto, salamis, Liverwurst and pâtés.