mi-mtl-amira-walnuts-trucks-300.jpgQuebec’s Health Department confirmed Thursday that one person in the province has died of an E. coli infection after possibly eating contaminated walnuts. So far, 13 cases of E. coli illness in Canada have been linked to contaminated walnuts distributed by Quebec-based Amira Enterprises. Nine of the cases have been in Quebec. Two have been confirmed in Ontario along with two in New Brunswick. In all, public health officials say nine people have had to be hospitalized and two people developed hemolytic uremic syndrome, an illness associated with E. coli infections that can result in kidney failure.

Amira Enterprises Inc., which has recalled the products, said the walnuts were imported from the U.S. The recall notice also mentions Mistral Mix containing walnuts, and Salad Booster with walnuts, which are sold under the brand names Amira and Tia. All package sizes — including walnut halves and crumb packs — all lot codes and all best-before dates are affected. The products were distributed in Atlantic Canada, Quebec and Ontario but may also have been sold in other provinces.  See full recall list.