The Washington Post reports this evening that “E. coli [O157:H7] found in ground beef at a Boy Scout camp in Goshen, Va., matches bacteria found in [stool] samples taken from some sick campers, lab tests have confirmed, and a state health official called beef the "prime suspect" in the outbreak that shut down the camp this week.”

“At least 27 confirmed E. coli infections have been connected to the camp, mostly among Northern Virginia residents in attendance from July 20 to 26, health officials said. Two campers who attended last week were also infected, a health official confirmed. More than 70 people have exhibited symptoms. Yesterday, one camper remained in a hospital, having been diagnosed with hemolytic uremic syndrome.”

Poisoning 70 Boy Scouts within a few hours drive of our nation’s capitol?  Well, if politicians have not paid attention to 40,000,000 pounds of E. coli-tainted meat recalled in the last year, leaving hundreds sickened, some severely so, I am not sure they will pay attention now.

We have had an E. coli case or two against Sodexo over the years.  More interesting will be if the entire supply chain of the tainted meat can be traced from slaughterhouse to the campers.  I have received a few emails today from sources suggesting that the contaminated hamburger served to the Scouts came from a West Coast grinding operation.  We shall see what FSIS does in the next day.