The Fresno Health Department says that tests have confirmed that E. coli outbreak has come from cooked meat at “The Grill” at the Meat Market in Northwest Fresno.  27 people were sickened from different events on May 18 and May 19th. Tests on leftovers have confirmed a viral strain of E. coli was present in that meat. The same strain was found in at least 11 of the victims. Tests on the others are underway, but the news has prompted the Health Department to make an announcement.  See video.

  • Marla K

    Fresno’s risk analysts have totally disregarded ongoing reports of MAJOR health code violations pertaining to cross-connection of sewer/water lines. They got caught lying about the cause behind sewage back spills and as a result, I uncovered a HUGE operation. Cutting, cross-connecting and re-routing – unauthorized, without permits or inspections. Toxic, contaminated soil appears to be leaving a trail of severe foot infections/amputations/death. I suspect a lot of e.coli in the near future. Pictures and more info on my web page. Mass cover up! or

  • Katie

    Can you advise the supply line of these contaminated food stuffs??
    Just would like to know the technical process of slaughter etc.. arent there inspections at the slaughterhouse?