It is great when the Washigton Post, New York Times and Los Angeles Times all cover the same story — perhaps there will be a behavior change in the lettuce and spinach industry.  My question is where are the politicians?  Where is the call for concern?  Another question – why have the producers of this poisoned product not reached out to the consumers?  In the Jack in the Box, Odwalla, Chi-Chi’s and Sheetz food poisoning cases, those corporations stepped up and paid peoples wage loss and medical expenses.  Where is the concern for more than the mulit-billion bottom line?

The toll today:

  • 131 cases,
  • 66 people have been hospitalized
  • 20 have experienced kidney failure
  • 1 person has died

From the Washington Post story:

"Some victims have retained lawyers for possible lawsuits. William Marler, a Seattle lawyer who specializes in food poisoning cases, said he is representing 30 victims of the outbreak, 11 of whom have developed kidney failure."