I am not surprised that they found cows and cow poop near spinach fields – I found the same a week ago traveling through Salinas:


From AP story of this morning:  E. coli Find Shows Difficult Mix Of Cattle, Spinach

Bill Marler, a Seattle lawyer representing 93 people who got sick eating spinach and the families of two who died, said processors and packagers of greens are also responsible for ensuring their safety.

"From a victim’s perspective, Dole, Natural Selection and this farm are on the hook," Marler said. "It’s their collective responsibility to step up and deal with these claims."

This story also has a great video.

  • Roy Costa

    Looks like a clear cut case of heads in the sand. Everyone involved with this should be asking themselves why in the face of such an obvious threat did they not act to protect the consumer?
    And to make things worse we have the green light now to buy products from this area again and no one is telling us as consumers that anything at all has changed with the situation. I guess we just sit back and wait for more cases. Our public health protection is very feeble.
    Thanks for sharing the film, very insightful and a good documentary.

  • Carl Custer

    Cows have udders
    Bulls have testicles
    The “Cows” you videoed looked like they had neither.
    Ergo Steers.
    But I could be wrong.