Michael Moss does it again in tomorrow’s New York Times, “Company’s Record on Beef Treatment Questioned.” He once again starkly shows what the beef industry will do to make a buck and how, not only does our government turn a blind eye, but actively hides information from us. This story is so disturbing in so many ways that I urge you to read it in its entirety. It will make you look at hamburger differently. It will also make you ashamed of corporate America and our own government.

Ammonia Beef – Really? Is saving a few pennies really worth this?

Here is a scene at the maker of this “meat product,” Beef Product Inc., from Food Inc.:

  • Marymary

    I saw a picture somewhere on the internet a few months ago of a food production facility and a huge tray full of a pink mass that looked like strawberry soft serve ice cream. Turned out that the stuff was processed mixture of the last bits of fat, meat, gristle, etc. from chicken carcasses. The gunk was similar to the beef slime above and looked about as appetizing. :(