rawmilk-small.jpgAccording to press reports, the number of people confirmed sickened by raw milk from a Franklin County Pennsylvania store is on the rise. Last week, the Pennsylvania and Maryland State Health Departments issued an advisory that raw milk sold by The Family Cow store in Chambersburg may contain harmful bacteria.

Raw milk is milk that has not been pasteurized. The number of cases becoming infected with Campylobacter has doubled from six to 12 in Pennsylvania and Maryland. All the confirmed cases were people who drank milk purchased at The Family Cow. The store sells directly to consumers in an on farm retail store and at drop off locations and retail stores. The farm has voluntarily suspended raw milk production.

  • Mary

    Oh, your title is wrong. MA = Massachusetts. I was surprised when I saw it because I hadn’t heard anything locally. You want MD for Maryland.

  • Thanks Mary – I caught it late.

  • Randy Francisco

    The Shanks said they are skeptical “if this apparently powerful diarrhea bug we were hearing about is actually connected to our farm or if it was something going around in other communities not in any way connected to us.”
    Once again it’s the other dude did it defense. Maybe it’s the water.

  • informed consumer

    There were also people “sick” who DID NOT drink raw milk. I drive from MD to PA to purchase raw milk for a daughter on the Keto diet. It is one good thing I can do for her on this diet. We have only purchased raw milk from The Family Cow and will continue.