My inbox and phone blew up in the last two days after my clients received this unsolicited letter from Daily Harvest warning my clients of the danger of their product. The letter is dated July 29th, but arrived in most of my clients’ mail boxes over the last two days.

Daily Harvest has once again warned my clients to throw out the product. Fortunately, many of my clients saved the products and they are now being tested by an independent lab and the FDA. The product is also being fed to mice, which I am happy to report are still alive. We also were able to get tara on the open market and have asked a Court to order Daily Harvest to provide then independent lab with samples. I have offered to share all results with both Daily Harvest and the FDA.

Did I mention that my clients received an unsolicited letter from an adverse party?

The ethics of that aside, I suppose we should all thank Daily Harvest for reminding everyone that it is admitting once again that its product poisoned hundreds.

Better late than Never?