cucumbers.jpgA few hours ago via twitter some follower’s let me know that Giant Eagle and an N.C. restaurant were pulling cucumbers. Ironic that Europe is in the midst of a recall of E. coli-tainted cucumbers and we are doing the same for a different bug, this time Salmonella. Here are the details:

Fresh cucumber supplier C.W. Hendrix Farms Inc. of Boca Raton, Fla., voluntarily has recalled cucumbers distributed from its facility from May 6-13 because of possible salmonella contamination.

Giant Eagle and other retailers have sold cucumbers from C.W. Hendrix, but the store says there have been no reports of customers becoming ill. The cucumbers that were shipped between those dates have been pulled from the store shelves, Giant Eagle said.

  • John Munsell

    USDA/FSIS is much more concerned with Salmonella than it is with E.coli. Let me explain.
    On February 24, 2006, the agency hosted a meeting in Atlanta entitled “Advances in Post-Harvest Interventions To Reduce Salmonella in Poultry”. One statement made by Dr. Patricia Bennett (FSIS employee) was “Now, the first focus of the Agency will be on the control of Salmonella in slaughter establishments. But that doesn’t mean that the Agency is disinterested in the ground-product classes. But we do realize that you FIRST NEED TO CONTROL WHAT’S GOING ON WITH THE SOURCE MATERIALS (emphasis added) before you’re going to control what’s going on with the ground-product classes”.
    Later, Dr. Daniel Engeljohn (who now heads the agency’s Policy division) made this statement: “And then more importantly with the ground products — because the highest prevalence or at least the percent positives that we’re finding is in the grouind products. And it’s the SOURCE MATERIALS (emphasis added) that we want to focus on first, and then we’ll focus on those ground products”.
    I challenge all of you readers out there to provide me agency quotes which ascribe the same importance to finding the SOURCE of E.coli-contaminated meat products. I find it ironic that although the agency has publicly admitted to the need to find the SOURCE of salmonella contamination, the agency refuses to make the same admission for E.coli.
    As long as Americans allow FSIS to intentionally hide its head in the sand by refusing to traceback to the source originating slaughter establishments which introduce E.coli into our food chain, E.coli outbreaks and recalls will persist relatively unabated.
    John Munsell