Food Safety News reports that the sale of raw milk from Treasured Sunrise Acres in Parma, ID, has been put on hold until further notice by the Idaho Department of Agriculture after recently testing positive for Cryptosporidium.

Milk from Treasured Sunrise Acres tested positive for the parasite the week of Aug. 24, according to news reports. Two Canyon County residents who consumed the dairy’s raw goat milk reportedly became ill.

State officials said anyone who purchased raw goat or cow milk from the dairy or any retail outlets selling it on or after Aug. 24 should not consume the milk but should discard it. The milk was apparently sold in stores in Boise, Caldwell, Ketchum and Star.

Cryptosporidium is a microscopic parasite that can cause stomach cramps or pain, dehydration, nausea, vomiting, fever and weight loss. However, the most common symptom is watery diarrhea, although some people have no symptoms at all. Cryptosporidium can be spread in several ways, but is most often transmitted by drinking and recreational water.  Symptoms of Cryptosporidiosis generally begin two to 10 days (average is seven days) after becoming infected with the parasite and usually last about one to two weeks in people with healthy immune systems.