Email I received this morning – says it all:

I had no idea that Banquet had any association to the
company w/ the peanut butter recall.
I actually went to Wal-Mart yesterday to buy more pot pies. (There
were non in the frezzer, and no sign to inform of the recall, I
actually had more at my home and my daughters apartment at school) We
have been getting sick on and off for weeks and had no idea it was
from our food. My doctor put me on antibiotics today, when I
explained that I still was having problems. My 19 year old ate one for
supper last night (before, my mother called and told me of the recall
[she knows I buy several weekly and send them for lunch for my younger
daughter]) Needless to say she was sick all night and today! The
compamy down played the situation so the News barely mentioned it. I
called their hotline, and they say “there is no problem if you
properly cook the product” this is to put the blame back on the
consumer! When I talked to a rep, again down played, but yes my
products were included in the recall and someone would be calling me.
(I can get rid of the 2 pies that are left…wouldn’t that be getting
rid of my proof. They also make a comment about Dr. documentation,
hmmm does this sound like they know they are at fault?

I am very upset with this situation, but I am more upset with our
Government not taking action right away and letting more comsumers get
sick. (and sometimes die!)
I was also upset with the differant information I’ve been given, from
Doctors (and the confusion) I had no idea someone could catch if from
us either! I am furious and Nauseas