The Consumer Protection Division of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment  announced that ground beef has been recalled due to possible contamination with E. coli O157:H7. State laboratory tests have identified two E. coli 0157:H7 cases in Colorado that have been linked to the recalled ground beef. Both adults became ill in early May and have fully recovered.  According to California Health officials, the same ground beef tainted with a deadly strain of E. coli sickened a dozen people in five states and Canada, including three in southern California.

United Food Group, LLC, a Vernon, California
(I could not find a web site), establishment, voluntarily recalled (with a nudge from FSIS) approximately 75,000 pounds of its ground beef products, which were distributed at Albertsons stores in Colorado (and several other Western States).

The labels of the recalled ground beef bear the Moran’s label and the establishment number “EST. 1241” inside the USDA mark of inspection. All of the products bear a “sell by” date of “May/06/07,” a “freeze by” date of “May/07/07” or a “produced on” date of “April /20/07.”

The products subject to the recall include the following:

•10-pound boxes of “MORAN’S All Natural, 73/27 fine ground beef”
•10-pound boxes of “MORAN’S All Natural, 90/10 fine ground sirloin”
•2-pound chubs of “INTER-AMERICAN PRODUCTS 93/7 ground beef”
•1-pound chubs of “INTER-AMERICAN PRODUCTS 80/20 ground beef”
•1-pound chubs of “MORAN’S All Natural 73/27 ground beef”
•5-pound chubs of “MORAN’S All Natural 73/27 ground beef”
•3-pound chubs of “MORAN’S All Natural 73/27 ground beef”
•1-pound chubs of “MORAN’S All Natural, 90/10 fine ground sirloin”
•2-pound chubs of “MORAN’S All Natural 93/7 ground beef”
•2-pound chubs of “MORAN’S All Natural 96/4 ground beef”
•3-pound chubs of “STATER BROS. MARKETS 73/27 ground beef”

Parent company Supervalu
(I have had cases against them) said on Monday it was recalling some ground beef sold in its Albertsons and Save-A-Lot stores under the Moran label.  Supervalu’s announcement stems from a recall announced Sunday by meat supplier United Food Group LLC of 75,000 pounds of contaminated ground beef. United Food also recalled meat sold at Grocery Outlet, Fry’s, Save-Mart, Smart and Final, Smith’s and Stater Bros. stores. The products have been recalled from Albertsons stores in California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming, and from Save-A-Lot stores in Arizona, California and Nevada.