The Oklahoma State Department of Health has issued a press release regarding the illnesses of nearly three dozen people, including one person who died over the weekend.

The outbreak affected people from several communities, including Bixby, Pryor, Sand Springs, Locust Grove, Broken Arrow, Peggs, Tulsa, and McAlester. At least 14 people have been hospitalized, including one of those victims, 26-year-old Chad Ingle, who died Sunday. Lab tests have not yet come back, but the family says doctors are pointing to E-coli as the cause.

"Disease investigators from the OSDH, Tulsa Health Department, and several northeastern Oklahoma county health departments are looking at all likely sources, including restaurants and specific food sources," the release states. "Early investigation indicates a large number of persons who became ill ate at the Country Cottage restaurant in Locust Grove, OK. The restaurant is working closely with the OSDH to assist in the investigation. No source has been identified."

  • anonymous

    I work at the country cottage and we are very careful at are work at very clean when it comes to serving are customers with food And I send ot my prayers to the man that passed and hope nooneelse gets ill if it was even from are restaraunt we ge over 1000 people on saturdays and sundays so I doubt it was from are restaraunt. my opinion

  • C.I.D.

    My cousin died and there seems to be connection to this Restaurant. This place should close it’s doors until the investigation is done just to make sure no one else might be exposed.

  • Debbie

    I ate at the Country Cottage on Thursday night and became ill the next morning. I am still sick. I have sharp pains in my stomach and ache all over my body. I don’t feel well and weak and very shakey. I also feel light headed. Are these systems and what should I do to get tested?

  • Sellis

    Debbie: Yes get tested right away!! You have the symptoms. Go to your Dr or the hospital. This is serious, someone has already died. Don’t wait.

  • fred

    It sounds like the cook did not wash after using the restroom. 2 things come from wiping and not washing good-e. coli and hepetitus

  • Cathy

    Hold it. someone is trying to be HEROS, just a little to quickly for my comfort. There are alot of employees that work there, they all wash their hands constantly. they drink the water & soft drinks with ice cubes from there, they cook and wash the fruits & veggies from there.. WHY ARE THEY NOT DEAD? Maybe because CONVIENCE IS THE ANSWER..We need professionals on this job. This is like the other outbeak– blamed the tomatoes.. so no one sold tomatoes, restraunts stores… then they decided it was the lettuce instead. after they ruined the lives of the tomatoe growers and their families. etc. This could have come from this restraunt. But was it someone that carried it and sit in a specific chair? Used the bathroom, put their hand on the door to leave… could it have come from a batch of napkins? only those using those napkins got it. was there research / were all of the people that got sick together? were they with anyone else at dinner that did not get sick, if there was 4 in your party was all 4 struck with this? Was everyone that got sick eating the exact same thing, lima beans maybe or whatever.. was it everyone that drank milk with their meal got it? Did they use the bathroom, did they wash their hands. Now due to now enought professional research people like aanonyout that posted because they work there. Or maybe not because after 22 years the restraunt is ruined? Or Fred that posted, “sounds like the cooks did not wsh after using the restrooms|” yes Fred but it did not effect everything they touched? Open your eyes , that was such a lame remark. I think it is people like Fred that is saying it is the restraunt, yes SHEEP FRED… WHO PROBABLY NEVER GOT ABOVE A C IN SCHOOL… duddd, ok if it came from there, did you know this e coli travels like a flash, if I touch you fred you have it. You keep it but when you touch others dominios… effect. SO STOP BLAMMING AND GET PEOPLE IN THAT ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO RESEARCH -HAS EXPERIENCE, NOT FRED’S EXPERIENCE– BUT KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING. I don’t care if there is a scare—- there should be– but if People that know what they are doing is on the job. Then real results…. not fabricated ones that ruin everyone lives. hummm was the toilepaper tested? was the guy from out of the country tested. oh yes he has it… did he use the bathroom? where did he sit. was it his money… did the cashing get sick. did the waiter that handed menues get sick. this can be transfered easily. DON’T BLAME TIL YA KNOW THE ANSWER… YOU ARE PLAYING WITH PEOPLES LIVES… The pool guy can test stuff, but do you want him to be the main tester for something important? geeze even I can test water.. but my knowledge is not to be used for important testing… and everying needs tested as I have said. I wish I were there, make a spreadsheet for each sick person. find out the real common. not just that they ate at a restraunt. Maybe they all got gasoline at the same punp before they went to dinner. think about that… did you get gas that day? I hard at first they sait if was the referigerator then moved to the water. ok gomer pyle –please don’t draw straws– do the work. that will stop deaths. .

  • Austin

    Why are you insulting people?

  • jrthekid

    Cathy is correct. You can’t place blame on the cook unless you know what you are talking about. Not everyone who got sick ate at that restaurant which proves its not because someone didn’t wash their hands. But since this restaurant made the papers, no one will ever eat there again. I know I wouldn’t. As a matter of fact I don’t know if I would ever eat anywhere in Oklahoma again. This looks to me like a food supply problem or a water problem.

  • r i p chad </3

    that was my uncle… ):
    he was a happy man and loved to praise and sing to jesus..
    the country cottage..
    they finally said it was from the well water they used :(
    im not mad at the people..
    i am just wondering why they would use the water?
    love you uncle chad