Elizabeth Weise of USA TODAY wrote today:

Tens of millions of cans of chili, chili sauce, beef stew, corned beef and dog food are being recalled nationwide because of possible contamination with the deadly botulinum toxin, the Food and Drug Administration said Monday. The recalled cans cover more than 90 brands and every “best by” date on the market. Four cases of botulism, two in Texas and two in Indiana have been traced to the contaminated foods. The four patients were all hospitalized but are recovering, says Michael Lynch of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Georgia-based Castleberry Food Co., a subsidiary of Bumble Bee Seafoods, first issued a recall Wednesday after the botulism cases were traced back to its Hot Dog Chili Sauce Original. Nine other products also were included in that recall. The recall was expanded Saturday to include 80 brands made at the Augusta, Ga., processing plant. Although only the chili sauces have been linked to the illnesses, Castleberry’s is recalling everything made on that manufacturing line.