Well the coop got painted yesterday afternoon.  Frankly, after $5,000 in cost I am going to stop counting.  The eggs I am sure will be the best.  Friday I will be meeting with the lab who will start testing my chickens for Salmonella and Campylobacter.  And, the chickens have been let out of the coop to begin their somewhat free range lives.  There is netting across the top as we also have eagles in the neighborhood.

  • Art Davis

    Looking forward to monthly updates (With photos). You are about to discover that chickens may well be the original source of the comment “Dirty bird”. I have never liked eggs. Mostly I suspect this is because I simply cannot imagine anything good from that end of a chicken. Good luck and cook them, the eggs, not the chickens (At least not yet) well.

  • It looks nicer than my first couple of apartments!
    I am glad you are having fun with it,

  • maria

    That is a nice coop! Good luck to you and congratulations on taking charge of your food supply in such a great way! I am going to be raising chickens as soon as I get the ok from the kids (which may be a while) but it is very very rewarding to get delicious fresh eggs that you don’t have to worry about! Bon appetit!