Like Sherman’s march through the South in the Civil War, Cargill’s E. coli contaminated frozen meat patties have headed South as well. The News Observer reports that a 10-year-old in Durham County and a 14-year-old in Orange County were infected with E. coli that authorities believe came from ground beef patties that were recalled last week. Cargill Inc. last week recalled more than 840,000 pounds of ground beef patties distributed at Sam’s Club stores nationwide after four Minnesota children developed E. coli illness. State officials said stool samples from the Durham and Orange children had the same DNA fingerprint as that in the contaminated beef.

  • Cargill E. coli Hamburgers sold at Sam’s Club implicated in illness in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Tennseess – Lawsuit on Monday

    Cargill recalled E. coli contaminated Frozen Hamburger Patties last week. E. coli cases have been linked in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Carolina and now Tennessee. Many of the E. coli cases involve HUS, acute kidney failure. We will be filing…

  • Minnesota family files E. coli suit against Cargill sold at Sams Club

    Eric and Jennifer Gustafson will file suit Monday morning against Cargill on behalf of their two children, Callie, who was hospitalized with acute kidney failure (HUS) caused by E. coli O157:H7 and Carson, who also became ill with E. coli….