Rosemary Parker, a.k.a "raw milk lady," of the Kalamazoo Gazette reported today on the expanding raw milk outbreak.

According to Rosemary, an outbreak of campylobacter bacteria that causes diarrhea and fever has spread to three states and is linked to raw milk from the same dairy, according to state officials. 

Three cases of campylobacter infection in Indiana and one in Illinois have been added to a cluster of 13 people in southeastern Michigan who have tested positive for the illness, those state’s health departments announced Tuesday.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has joined the investigation into the source of the illness, but the state health departments in Michigan, Indiana and Illinois believe it is linked to unpasteurized milk supplied by Family Farms Cooperative, of Vandalia. All the sick people drank unpasteurized milk provided by the cooperative; no other common factor has been identified, said Pam Pontones, an Indiana state epidemiologist.