Over the last 30 plus years of practice I have been a vocal advocate for robust public health involvement in disease – especially food borne illness prevention. It is beyond me to comprehend why public health would remain mute in the face of at least 165 sick, 20 hospitalized and 40% of the ill five years or younger – especially raw milk – a risky elixir.

The more I think about this the harder it is to figure out why public health would sit on the scientific fact that a food producer of a known high-risk food is sickening hundreds. This includes overwhelming epidemiological evidence of the same WGS pattern in both humans and in milk. Setting aside the “food freedom” argument for a moment that people should be able to eat or drink what they want and feed their kids the same; what about simply informing the public of the facts and letting the public decide for themselves?

By popular demand here are the portion of the California Department of Health Documents I received yesterday. I am expecting more to arrive soon.

Interim Report.


Line List.