As the Associated Press reports, Marler Clark has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Anne and Neil Grintjes of Brookfield, whose seven-year-old son Willem and three-year-old daughter Ella became sick after eating the bagged spinach in late August. The suit names Dole Food Company and Natural Selection Foods.

This is the second lawsuit related to the outbreak that has been filed in Wisconsin by the Seattle-based law firm Marler Clark. The ongoing outbreak of E. coli linked to fresh spinach had sickened 166 people in 25 states through yesterday. Wisconsin so far has 42 cases.

I met with these folks while in Wisconin this week – really great people and parents – as a father of three, I can’t even imagine how hard having two kids sick at the same time could have been. MILWAUKEE – A southeastern Wisconsin family with two children sickened by E. coli has filed a federal lawsuit against two spinach companies.